Forum Rules

Forum rules
We want to foster an open and healthy place for conversations, but we will occasionally remove posts which contain very strong language along with those which are offensive, abusive or may be defamatory, or which either break the law or encourage others to do so.


We've established these House Rules for your safety and to keep the Community Journalism forum a healthy environment for discussion.

We reserve the right to delete messages which

- Are considered likely to disrupt, provoke, attack or offend others

- Are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable

- Contain swear words or other language likely to offend

- Break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court.

- Advertise products or services for profit or gain

- Are seen to impersonate someone else

- Include contact details such as phone numbers, postal or email addresses

- Are written in anything other than English - Welsh and Gaelic may be used where marked

- Describe or encourage activities which could endanger the safety or well-being of others

- Are considered to be 'spam', that is posts containing the same. or similar, message posted multiple times

- Are considered to be off-topic for the particular message board

In addition to the above we ask that you:

- Post in relevant sub-forums only. Messages posted in the wrong topic area will be removed and placed in the correct sub-forum by moderators.

- Respect other users. No provoking or abusing fellow forum members. Users who continue to post inflammatory, abusive comments will be deleted from the forum. This includes content that is hateful, or incites hatred toward race, sex and or sexuality, or religion.

- Do not troll. Users deemed to be posting deliberately controversial content with the intention of baiting others to respond will be deleted from the forum immediately.

And a bit of friendly advice:

- Do not feed the trolls.

******Moderators have the sole right to edit these rules in the interests of, and for the protection of, the forum's users.******
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