What's all this about then?

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What's all this about then?

Postby MattAbbott » Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:41 pm

This is a space where hyperlocal and independent news publishers, and those interested in the sector, can come together to share ideas and experiences, and work with one another.

The hyperlocal sector is as diverse as it is disparate. Meeting up in person is difficult. There is no hyperlocal version of Fleet Street or the Press Club. And there is no community hall big enough, or warm enough, to accommodate the vastly growing network of independent publishers, bloggers, hobbyists and media entrepreneurs.

So we decided to build one. This is our version of the community centre. A digital village hall if you like.

We have put in place a few fundamental topics that have dominated recent discussions – but we’re happy for you to add some more topics. This is your space, and we want you to tell us what tea bags you prefer and whether you want biscuits or cakes.

If you have registered as a hyperlocal you will have access to a secure space to share and discuss sensitive information. But please feel free to get involved in other conversations in neighbouring topics. You may have some valuable insights for people just getting started; you may even pick up a few tips along the way.

We hope you enjoy this forum and find value through using it.

We believe that it’s an ideal way to connect to each other – a practical tool to help swap ideas, build meaningful relationships and create a sense of belonging for everyone in the sector.


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