What are you planning to do?

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What are you planning to do?

Postby news@alittlebitofstone.com » Tue May 09, 2017 7:28 am

We will be doing a "send us your pitch" comms to the candidates when they're announced.

We are also crowdsourcing questions to ask all candidates

We will probably also try and do some form of live Q&A, maybe via twitter or FB Live.

Here's our 2015 archive - http://alittlebitofstone.com/tag/general-election-2015/

Liam @ TheSelebian
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Re: What are you planning to do?

Postby Liam @ TheSelebian » Thu May 11, 2017 12:39 pm

In 2015 we attended a local hustings event in Selby abbey and were able to live stream the audio to our site using a little box we put together on a Raspberry Pi. We also live blogged the event so there was a text record of the blow-by-blow points.

We also live blogged the election night and broke the news of the declaration, etc.

This time round we are waiting to see what events will be taking place during the campaign. It's easier for us to piggyback onto somebody else's event than organise our own branded event.

Will be certainly looking to liveblog the campaign and election night. We use an opensource platform from SourceFabric to do this.
You can freely download it and install it on a cheap cloud linux server - there's an online paid, hosted version for those who don't want to do that.

Once the full candidate list is out (tomorrow?) we will probably make approaches to the candidates to request individual (video) interviews.

We'll also give each candidate a page to sell their pitch in the final week.

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Re: What are you planning to do?

Postby telfordlive@gmail.com » Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:26 pm

I did a few surveys to see what top issues were, had about 350 responses.

I have filmed 10 minute interviews with all the candidates (bar LibDems who were not interested)

http://www.telford-live.com/2017/06/who ... n-telford/

http://www.telford-live.com/2017/06/who ... he-wrekin/

A *lot* of effort and diary jiggling around but seems to have gone down well. Will be covering the count live.

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Re: What are you planning to do?

Postby langtoontimes@hotmail.co.uk » Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:33 pm

I created a specific election page so that candidates could send me press releases and they would be copied to there to let locals know what the candidates were saying. Have to say it has been a complete damp squib. Very little information has been sent, even when I have caught up with candidates personally and reminded them nothing has been forthcoming.

However as the paper has only printed 5 editions, the newness of it may be a whole lot of the reason I think.

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