Hello from Leeds!

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Hello from Leeds!

Postby john.baron1973@gmail.com » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:52 pm

Hi - I'm John Baron, editor of the West Leeds Dispatch.

I feel as if I should be giving you the Eurovision Song Contest votes from this neck of the woods. :)

Anyway, a bit about WLD - we formed about 18 months ago, have had just shy of half a million page views in that time and we're about to go into a very exciting phase of our development.

We're about to be accepted to join Impress and next month will see our first board meeting as a company limited by guarantee (essentially a social enterprise). We've also got an offer of offices as part of a partnership with a local community organisation - so exciting times ahead hopefully?

Is anyone else at a similar stage? Or has anyone been through what we're doing? Be great to hear any advice you might have to offer.

I'm really passionate about local and community journalism, and was one of the Guardian's beatbloggers 2010-2011. I now teach journalism in Hull (and try to run the Dispatch in what I laughingly call my spare time). My biggest wish? That we can have a 48-hour day - there just aren't enough hours...

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Re: Hello from Leeds!

Postby news@alittlebitofstone.com » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:12 pm

Haha, welcome to the mad house :)

I'm Hull born and bred, well for the first 19 years on my life and a Hull KR supporter :)

We signed up initially to get involved with IMPRESS but haven't actually committed to it!

48 hour days would be good, my day job is in Warrington so 100 mile round trip and up to 3 hours per day wasted in the car!! I handed my notice in in January and my notice ends on the 23rd April. I've no plans for what I'm going to do next so that will be an exciting adventure! Whatever it is I want more time to focus on A Little Bit of Stone (ALBOS) so growing revenues may be a key consideration soon!

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