Hello from Tamworth Informed

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Hello from Tamworth Informed

Postby Jarrett Kinson » Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:46 pm

Well good evening and hello from Tamworth Informed. Tamworth Informed was created by me, a (then 31-year-old) guy from Tamworth, Staffordshire with no journalistic experience! I was a member of Tamworth and District Roundtable and the idea came to me, like many, during a slightly drunk conversation with some of the other guys! The idea was simple; to share the odd local news story to Facebook so that we could build an audience of perhaps 1000 people; this would then allow us to advertise our charity events, a 'captive audience' if you will - and so the Facebook page was created (http://www.facebook.com/tamworthinformed).

It was the year 2013 and a number of 'Spotted' pages had popped up - I wanted to be different though, I wanted to post factual and informative news, from reliable sources; not comments about bad parking or who is sleeping with who! From a town of 77,000 people, taking away a few thousand of those that are too young, too old or have no access to the internet, I did not think 1000 'likes' would be too hard to come by. Before midnight on the first day, we had reached 100 'likes' on Facebook - granted there were a lot of friends and family, but the pyramid effect of interactions and likes begun and within a few weeks we hit the 1000 mark. After around 6 months we had reached the 5000 mark and an offer of a website followed; initially reluctant the website was created http://www.tamworthinformed.co.uk

Now, in 2017 we have over 18,000 Facebook Likes, almost 4,000 Twitter Followers and around 60,000 unique visitors a month to the website. Tamworth Informed is also recognised on Google as a News Provider and also available through the Apple News app.

We are also on the verge of releasing a new, completely redesigned and custom written website, no more restrictions due to plug-ins.

When I say 'we', this is habit - it is really 'me'. I am finding it very hard to let others in to 'my baby', something I have nurtured and grown to where it is now. I have however had the assistance of a couple of very trusted 'Staff Reporters' recently as they are helping primarily with video content for the site - a new area of expansion for us, but definitely worth it.

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Re: Hello from Tamworth Informed

Postby langtoontimes@hotmail.co.uk » Fri Dec 01, 2017 6:02 pm

Hi there

Glad to see others here, hopefully we can start using this forum a bit more to bounce ideas off each other.


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