Hi from Swansea

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Hi from Swansea

Postby patrick@swanseanewsnetwork.org » Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:29 pm

Hi everyone,

I run a hyperlocal called Swansea News Network, http://swanseanewsnetwork.org/. Originally inspired by climate change activism in Paris. Am doing project on top of a full time job and enjoying the interesting connections I'm making. Hoping to eventually make transition at least to part time work to allow more time for this.

Would like to make a decision on how best to set the project up formally - coop, social enterprise, multi-stakeholder coop? Getting more and more stories coming in and so would also like to know how best to build volunteer base of contributors etc to help. Also ways to build Facebook and twitter as this seems to help. Sources of funding and help with advice on image sourcing?

Lots of questions and happy to share my own experience to date too :D .


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