Hello from Bloom!

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Hello from Bloom!

Postby steve@bloom.li » Tue May 02, 2017 5:50 pm

Greetings from Washington DC!

My name is Stephen and I run Bloom, a local news platform centered around geolocation. I'm also recent fellow at Tow-Knight Foundation Fellowship in NYC.

Bloom provide various technology to local publishers, readers, and local businesses - in an effort to help make local news more accessible. We make it easy to create live interactive maps of news content, local search that personalizes news websites, and new distribution channels between newsrooms and local businesses/marketers. Right now, we work with about 50 local publishers around the world - a few in the UK - and we're always open to more who want to try out new local tech.

Location-based technology is getting more popular in every community around the world and we want to make sure journalism keeps up with its opportunities. Along with our platform and plugins, we are also very heavily involved in research at the intersection of journalism and local tech. We're currently collaborating with a university in San Diego to explore the possibilities with location-based newsletters and more.

You can learn more at http://www.bloom.li
Or, in the Resources section at Cardiff's Centre for Community Journalism website: https://www.communityjournalism.co.uk/r ... ing-bloom/

I'm a programmer and designer so please feel free to ask me any questions about tech! I look forward to contributing on this forum.

Stephen Jefferson
Co-founder, Bloom
2016 Tow-Knight Fellow

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